Em     Em9  Em
Em                      Bm
Summer moved on
              A                           G                A
And the way it works  you can't tag along
Em                  Bm             A                G                   A
Honey moved out and the way it went leaves no doubt
Bm                 G                F#m                 G           A
Moments will pass in the morning light I found out
Bm                 G                       F#m           G           A
Seasons can't last and so there's one thing left to ask
(chorus)         Bm      F#m                    G
                    Stay...don't just walk away and leave me another
                    Bm      F#m                   G                             
          Em9   Em
                    Day ...a day just like today with nobody else around
Em                        Bm
Friendships move on
 A                          G                  A
 until the day you just can't get along
Em                    Bm
Handshakes unfold
A                       G                    A
And the way it goes no one knows
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