intro: Am-F-G-Am-F-G-Am  x2
Am                     F              Am 
I close my eyes in the silence of the night
F                       C              G          Am
I hear your voice in the whisper of the rain in my heart
Am                            F          Am
I think of those thousands of dark rainy nights
F                              C               G       Am
I dream of your face among the lightning flashes in the sky
C                G          Am 
My steel-rose, give me your light
F             C         G             Am
All i need is you; hear the cry of my heart
F           G            Am 
Give me the scent of your rain
F              G          Am
Touch my tears and kill my pain
C          G           Dm           Am
Send me an angel for luck from your heart
F           Dm    F        G           Am 
Give me your rain forever, princess of rain
C        G           Am
Forever, princess of rain
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