Bm              f#m   
She sits in her corner
A                   Bm  
Singing herself to sleep
Bm                   f#m 
Wrapped in all of the promises
A                   Bm   
That no one seems to keep
Bm               f#m  
She no longer cries to herself
A                      Bm 
No tears left to wash away
Bm                 f#m  
Just diaries of empty pages
A                Bm 
Feelings gone astray
G              Em 
But she will sing 
'Till everything burns
While everyone screams
G               Em 
Burning their lies 
Em             A
Burning my dreams
A              Bm 
All of this faith
Bm                 G 
And all of this pain
G            Em 
Burning all down
Em                 A 
Cause my anger reigns
A                Bm 
Bm               G   Em    A  Bm 
Walking through life unnoticed
Bm                    G
Knowing that no one cares
Bm                       f#m 
To consume and then masquerade
A                 Bm 
No one sees her there
Em               A 
And still she sings 
A                      Bm
Watching it all fade away 
A                      Bm  
Watching it all fade away 
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