A                        E
Don?t pretend your sorry i know your not
F#m                                      D
you know got the power to make me weak inside
A                             E
girl you leave me breathless, but its ok
F#m                         D
you are my survival now hear me say 
 Bm                 D                F#m                           
Cant imagine life without your love
 F#m                     D                                 E                   
even forever don?t seem like long enough
A                                                E                                    
cuz every time I breath to take you in, and my heart beats again
                         D                             A
baby I cant help it, you keep me drowning in your love
A                                            E                                 
and every time I try to rise above im swept away by love
                         D                              A
baby I cant help it you keep me drowning in your love
Maybe im a drifter maybe not
cuz im on the safety of floating freely in your arms
and I don?t need another life line its not for me 
cuz only you can save me
cant you see
Bm D F#m D E
no one pull me under cover me with dreams
love your mouth to mouth now and you know i cant resist 
cuz you?re the air that I breathe
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