INTRO: Em   D   C (4x) 
Em  D7   C  (4x) 
Em            D                 C 
   He stands alone outside the blooming yards  
Em         D                  C 
   All is calm there on the street  
Em              D           C 
   The shadows pass him hung right over  
Em                  D                 C  
   The pain on his face he knew he'd keep...  
Em              D              C 
   His hair is long, and it's twisted, it's twisted  
Em             D                      C 
   Around the smile spread cheek to cheek  
Em          D              C 
   Another child, another soul, grabs a hold  
Em         D               C 
   To the metal that will end his misery...  
    D                Em 
We stand beneath the sun  
                C   D 
With arms high open wide  
Two by two  
He's getting you  
   Em                C         D 
To watch him as he leaves this life he knew
Em          D        C 
   How much anger is set aside  
Em         D           C 
   As each one of us cries  
Em         D             C 
Red light they come and they take him away  
         Em                 D          C 
In the thoughts, he'll be better, some day...  
Em                   D                  
   Tied tight, can't see out your eyes  
          C               C 
That he's sure to shine, sure to shine  
         Em                      D                 C 
in this deep dark, f
  Em           D             C 
So, who's the man, with the plan,  
eating up all that he can?  
Em          D               C 
   Don't you see, don't you see...  
C                                 D  
Do you ever think that things are meant to be?  
          C                    D  
I know we all have our reasons why 
C                        D 
And now the power of one human being 
               C             D   
Has gone and changed so many lives...  
   D                Em      C   D 
We start to come undone...  
Two by two  
     D                  Em   C   D 
He's getting through to you...  
G              D   Em    C  D     G  
One by one we stand, we stand, 
 we stand, over, 
 Em    C  D      acaba em   Em       
over, you... 
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