(C)There is an answer,(F)someday we will(G)know
                  And you will ask(C)her,(Am)why she had to(G)go
                  We (E)live and (Am)die,we(E)lough and we(Am)cry
                  And(F)you must take(C)away the pain
             (Dm7)Before you can(G)begin to live(C)again
                  So let it(C)start,my(G)friend,let it(C)start
                  Let the(F)tears(low)come(C)rolling from your(Dm 7)heart(G)
       NAKARAT    And(E)when you (Am)need a(F)light in the(C)lonely(F)nights
                  Carry(C)me like a(G)fire in your(C)heart
                  Carry(C)me like a(G)fire in your(C)heart
                  There is a(C)river(F)rolling to the(G)sea
                  You will be(C)with her,for(Am)all eternity(G)
                  But(E)we that remain(Am)need(E)you here(Am)again
                  So(F)had her in your(C)memory
                  And(Dm 7) begin to make the(G)shadows dissappear(C)  
                  Carry(C)me like a(G)fire in your(Am)heart(F)
                  Carry(C)me like a(G)fire in your(C)heart.
    Not: Akorları ben çıkarmadım;sadece elimde vardı,paylaşmak istedim.Akorları 
denedim, doğru.Yani denenmiş.
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