Am          F
                    Tonight we dance 
                      G                    E
                    I lay my life in your hands
                     Am          F
                    We take the floor
                      G                     E
                    Nothing is forbidden anymore
                    Dont let the world in outside
                    Dont let a moment go by
                     C           G          E
                    Nothing can stop us tonight
                     Am                G               F
                    Bailamos, let the rhythm take you over
                     Am           G           F
                    Bailamos, te quiero amor mio
                     Am             G               F
                    Bailamos wanna live this night forever
                     Am            G                E
                    Bailamos te quiero amor mio te quiero
                    Tonight Im yours
                    We can make it happen, 
                    Im so sure
                    Now Im letting go
                    There is something 
                    I think you should know
                    I wont be leaving your side
                    Were gonna dance through the night 
                    I wanna reach for the stars
                    chorus repeat
                    Am     G         F
                   Ooooo Tonight we dance
                   Am      G          F
                   Ooooo Like no tomorrow 
                   Am       G               F  
                   Ooooo If you will stay with me
                   Te quiero mi amor
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