Intro: G, C (x2)
 G         C           G
 You, Do you remember me
      C            G
 Like I remember you
 C                       D                             C
 Do you spend you life going back in your mind to that time
 G        C                  G
 Cause I, I walk the streets alone
 C                  G
 I hate being on my own
 And everyone can see that,
 D                 C                D
 I really fell And I'm going through hell
 C                                D
 Thinking about you with somebody else
 G                              D
 Somebody wants you Somebody needs you
           C                           G
 Somebody dreams about you every single night
 G                                     D
 Somebody can't breathe Without you it's lonely
               C                          G
 And somebody hopes that one day you'll see
           G       D C
 That somebody's me
 That somebody's me
  G     C              G
 How, How did we go wrong
         C                     G 
 It was so good and now it's gone
    C                  Am                
 And I pray at night, That our path soon will cross,
 and what we had is a lost  
 Am                                       D
 Cause your always right here in my thoughts
 E                                         C
 You will alway be in my life Even if I'm not in your life 
 G                         D
 Cause you're in my memory
 G       C              G        C               G   
 You When you remember me And before you set me free 
 Oh, listen please
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