Tune Down Half StepRiff 1     (Intro and Verse)
  A               G6               D2              E       G
  My eyes       seek realityRiff 2Am                EmThe trash fire is warm
Am                        EmBut nowhere safe from the stormAm                  
And I can't bear to see                 CWhat I've let me be              B
So wicked and wornAm               EmSo as I write to you
Am                     EmOf what is done and to doAm                G
Maybe you'll understand                        CAnd won't cry for this man
                 B                B
cause low man is due              please forgive me!!!!Strum Chords from riff 1
Riff 2Strum chrods from riff 1Riff 3  Am                         F   
Strum chrods from riff 1Riff 2Strum chrods from riff 1Riff 3End with riff 1
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