Dm   Dmsus4   Dmsus2   C    Am  Amsus4   G    F   Bb
Chords and Lyrics for ^^MAMA SAID^^
Dm             Dmsus4               Am                   C
Mama she has taught me well, told me when I was young
Dm                    Dmsus4           Am                          
Son, your life's an open book, don't close it before it's 
Dm                          Dmsus4          Am                  
The brightest flame burns quickest, that's what I heard 
her say.
Dm                    Dmsus4           Am               C
Son's heart sold to mother, but I must find my way.
Dm  Am C     G
Let my heart go
Dm  Am   C   G
Let your son grow
       Dm Am C     G 
Mama, let my heart go,
    Dm Am   Dm    F   Am
Or let this heart be still.
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