Tom: C
C               F    C     A
1.    Mom and Dad went to a show,
C                   F       C      A
they dropped me off at Grandpa Joe's.
C                   F               C           A
I kicked and screamed, said, "Please don't go" !
A             C
Gramma take me home (8x)
C            F      C       A
2.     I had to eat my dinner there,
C            F           C          A
mashed potatoes and stuff like that,
C                F       C         A
I couldn't chew my meats too good.  + REFRAIN
C                   F          C          A
3.     She said, well, don't you start your crying.
C         F        C         A
Go outside and ride your bike.
C                 F      C         A
That's what I did, I kicked my toe.   + REFRAIN
C         F        C        A
4.    After dinner I had ice-cream,
C             F        C       A
I fell asleep and watched TV.
C              F     C        A
I woke up in my mother's arms.
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