Capo 1st fret
C   Em7    A7      Dsus     Dm7  Am7 G+
One flight down , there's a song on low
G6        C          Gdim           A#maj7 - Am7 - G
And your mind , just picked up on the sound
G6        C   Em7     A7
Now you know you're wrong 
  Dm6    A   G+      G6      
Cos it ,drifts like smoke ,
and it's been there
  A7        A#maj7 ~ Am7  ~  G  
playing all along
G6       C    G
now you know now you 
 C7           Gdim          Dm7   G
The reeds and brass have been weaving
Gdim     A7      Dm7        G7 ~ G6  
leading into a single note
Here in this place
Where your arms unfold
Here at last you see your ancient face
Now you know
Now you know
The cadence rolls in broken 
Plays it over and then goes
One flight down, there's a song on low
And it's been ther playing all along
G6       C      G       c
Now you know.  Now you know.
C     032010
Em7   022030
A#mj7 113231
Am7   002010
A7    002020
Dsus  000320
Dm6   000201
Gdim  002323
G7    320001
G6    320000
G+    320033
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