Come and hold my hand
C                   A
I wanna contact the living
A               Gm
Not sure I understand
F                   A
This rope I've been given
A                 Dm
I sit and talk to God
C                        A
And he just laughs at my plans
A                Gm
My head speaks a language
F            A
I don't understand
A            Bb
I just wanna feel                             >N     
     F                         C               A
Real love fill the home that I live in        >K
C                  Bb                          A
Cos I got too much life                       >R
                F                              A
Running thru my veins                         >T
Going to waste                                >
Devamı aynı akorlarla aynı şekilde devam ediyor arkadaşlar
I don't wanna die
But I ain't keen on living either
Before I fall in love
I'm preparing to leave her
Scare myself to dead
That's why I keep on running
Before I roll eye
I can see myself coming
I just wanna feel
Real love fill the home that I live in
Cos I got too much life
Running thru my veins
Going to waste
And I need to feel
Real love and the love ever after
I can not get enough
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