Verse 1:
This is all done by singing aline a then doing a guitar phrase, so if I put the
Well I just got into town about an hour ago.
Took a look around see which way the wind blows.
With a little girl in a Hollywood bungalow.
Are you a lucky little lady in the city of light?
                                        G     (For these
Or just another lost angel,  City of night     strike the                                
                                                    and let                         
            A                G               A
City at night,   City of night,  City of night, Whoa come on
Solo:  may not be exact but you can change it around and it sounds good.
Then we go back to echoing a voice phrase with the guitar.
LA Woman Sunday afternoon
LA Woman Sunday Afternoon
LA woman sunday afternoon  drive through you suburbs
              G                 A
into your blues.  into your blues.
          G                                 A
into your blue, blue, blue,   into your blues   Oh yeah
(Piano Break)
Now the guitar plays this part under these words.
   A        G               A        G
A          G       A     G     A   G
I See your hair is burning
A         G           A    G   A   G
Hills are filled with fire.
        A     G     A     G    A   G
If they say I never loved you
    A         G     A   G      A   G
You know they are a liar.
A      G         A     G       A   G    (Switch back to chords)
Drivin down your freeway
A       G         A   G        A   G
Midnight alleys roam.
Cops in cars the topless bars, never saw a woman
       G            A
So alone,    so alone
Back to guitar echoing the voice.
Motel money murder madness
Lets change the mood from glad to sadness.
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