Chords definition:
   E(lo)  A  B  C  C#  D   E(hi)
There's a lot of cute little riffs in this song
Riff 1 - This is played halfway through each chorus
It isn't right either, but it sounds pretty close
Play it fast, it's hard to tell the first part of it, but even if you ca
play it, mess around in an E blues scale, and it'll sound fine.
                                       )  )
This is all I could make of it, you'll have to play it at lightning spee
and even then it sounds wrong.  At least it doesn't last very long :)
lower string up to the point where it matches the pitch of the upper str
The little intro thing is E(hi) D C#, D C# B
(Drums only here)
Jennifer lost the war today, they'll find her burnt and raped
Through it all she must have wondered what have I done
    E(lo)         A               D              E(hi)
But nobody really cares today the world's a busy place
C                 D                  B
Guess she must've really sinned ahh, really sinned ahh
A             D
I guess we're all just soldiers
She was only six years old
A       D
Left to die by strangers
(Riff 1)
While her family waits
A            D
And if we're all just soldiers
E(hi)                D        B
Is it so wrong to be afraid
B                     (Riff 2)
E(lo)           A         D                  E(hi)
Phoebe lost the war today there must be some mistake
C              D            B
Say it happens all the time and it's said and done
E(lo)               A              D              E(hi)
Little miss fifteen sixtyfive your soul remains unclaimed
C                   D              B
Guess you must have really sinned, ahh
A        D
Morality won't help her
When she lies silent in a morgue
A           D
And all our sorrows
Riff 1
Just don't count at all
A            D
But will the morning headlines
E(hi)                      D
Even say that it's a shame
B                  D   B
What we're heading for
B                  (Riff 3)
B(mute)             D C#
Seen it all before,
A                       E(lo)
Silent on the ground as he's walking away
B(mute)                    D C#
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