G                D
        Though summer is here at last
        Fdim       A/E
        The sky is overcast
           Ddim             A/C#        Bm7  Bm7/E E7
        And no one brings a rose for Emily
        G                D
        She watches her flowers grow
        Fdim         A/E
        While lovers come and go
           Ddim            A/C#           Bm7
        To give each other roses from her tree
            E7              A
        But not a rose for Emily
        Bb          F                   C#dim            D
        Emily,     can't you see there's nothing you can do
            (Emily...        see...                      how the sun is...)
        Gdim                 D/F#           A7        D  D/C
              There's loving everywhere but none for you
        (...shining in the garden)
Verse 2:
        Her roses are faded now
        She keeps her pride somehow
        That's all she has protecting her from pain
        And as the years go by
        She will grow old and die
        The roses in her garden fade away
            A/C#             Bm7
        Not one left for her grave
        E7             A
        Not a rose for Emily
[repeat chorus]
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